Chris render
Vital statistics
Gender Male
First appeared "Icecream"
Voiced By Chris O'Neill
I want blue

–Chris, Icecream

Chris is one of the two main characters in the flash animation series Hellbenders. He is best friends with Zach. He is voiced by his real-life counterpart, Chris O'Neill.


Chris, as well as Zach, is known for having a freakishly small face in comparison to his head. He has reddish-brown hair and usually wears a blue t-shirt and dark blue pants.

During the winter, he wears a similar color scheme with a blue sweatshirt and thick dark blue pants along with a red and green striped scarf.

He is rather short compared to other people, but he is taller then his best friend Zach


Chris, much like his friend, is humorously portrayed as unintelligent, socially awkward, and incoherent at times. However, he appears to be more calm and reasonable in comparison to Zach. He also acts much more like a leader than Zach. In "Applooza", it is shown that Chris is apparently a great speaker when he needs to be. Chris has also appeared to be very supportive in various episodes, encouraging Zach whenever he loses hope.


  • Both Chris and Zach have their own unique walk cycle. Chris's walk cycle is him toppling over himself, back and forth, every time he takes a step.
  • In "Icecream", Chris's walk cycle was initially similar to Zach's but was changed in "Applooza".
  • It is assumed that blue is Chris's favorite color.
  • Chris looks pretty good.
  • In certain scenes, Chris will appear to be much fatter, and he gains large breasts.
  • In "A Hellbenders Christmas", It was revealed that Chris has an amazing singing voice, but will only sing well when he wants to.
  • Chris has nice titties for a little boy.
  • Not Racist.
  • Has a nice butt.
  • On the Hellbenders website, it is said that "Chris is actually a huge faggot".