Chris render
Vital statistics
Gender Male
First appeared "Icecream"
Voiced By Chris O'Neill
I want blue

–Chris, Icecream

Chris is one of the two main characters in the flash animation series Hellbenders. He is best friends with Zach. He is voiced by his real-life counterpart, Chris O'Neill.


Chris, as well as Zach, is known for having a freakishly small face in comparison to his head. He has reddish-brown hair and usually wears a blue t-shirt and dark blue pants.

During the winter, he wears a similar color scheme with a blue sweatshirt and thick dark blue pants along with a red and green striped scarf.


He appears to be more calm and reasonable in comparison to Zach. He also acts much more like a leader than Zach. In "Applooza", it is shown that Chris is apparently a great speaker when he needs to be. Chris has also appeared to be very supportive in various episodes, encouraging Zach whenever he loses hope.


  • Both Chris and Zach have their own unique walk cycle. Chris's walk cycle is him toppling over himself, back and forth, every time he takes a step.
  • In "Icecream", Chris's walk cycle was initially similar to Zach's but was changed in "Applooza".
  • It is assumed that blue is Chris's favorite color.
  • Chris looks pretty good.
  • In certain scenes, Chris will appear to be much fatter, and he gains large breasts.
  • In "A Hellbenders Christmas", It was revealed that Chris has an amazing singing voice, but will only sing well when he wants to.
  • Chris has nice titties for a little boy.
  • Not Racist.
  • Has a nice butt.
  • On the Hellbenders website, it is said that "Chris is actually a huge faggot".


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